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Together with experienced and experienced engineers, you will be provided with the tools, tools and molds and machines you need to create or maintain your high quality, incredible price tag and written warranty, and at all stages of design, construction and commissioning. And sales and sales, and your helper.

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Major members of ZAMZAMI MACHINERY

Zamzami Machinery

Engineer Alireza Zamzami

Zamzami Machinery Management

Call number: (+98)912 361 20 67

Zamzami Machinery

Engineer Arash Zamzami

IT management

Call number: (+98)938 121 1007

Zamzami Machinery

Engineer Pouya Mahvi

Supervisor assembly unit

Zamzami Machinery

Engineer Hojjat Jalali

Supervisor assembly unit

Zamzami Machinery

Engineer Shabnam Najafi

Quality control management

Management experience

Zamzami Machinery


July 16, 2011

Zamzami Machinery

Society of Formworkers of Iran

February 20, 1995

Mould Management

Zamzami Machinery

ISO 9001:2000

August 07, 2003

Zamzami Machinery

5s Moderator in Fouladfam

March 12, 2000

Position: Production Unit Management

Zamzami Machinery

Professional skills

September 24, 2007

Drawing and designing with computer

Zamzami Machinery

Professional skills

August 11, 2001

Industrial Design

Zamzami Machinery

General Directorate of Labor and Social Security

February 20, 2012

Business skills and entrepreneurship

Zamzami Machinery

Professional skills

January 14, 2011

Computer Operations

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Last edited: 2018/04/21

Mr. Rahmani
Forming machine

quality control and verification

Mr. ghorbanverdi
Forming roller

waiting for the turn

Mr. Ismaili
Forming machine



Noodle Maker Machine(2018)

  • Capable of producing more than 200 kg in working shift
  • Interoperability of up to 4 people at the same time and increasing efficiency up to 400kg per day
  • Stainless and stainless steel are all components involved with dough
  • Adjustable rotor system
  • No need for backup devices
  • Six months free warranty even replacing the entire device (if necessary)
  • After-sale service and spare parts delivery

Forming Machine (Big.Ver)

  • Quick and easy switching of Rollers
  • The accuracy and ease of riding a bike ride on Japanese bearings
  • Possibility to adjust the distance between the Rollers simultaneously and concurrently, with a hundred pointers
  • Strong steel and steel bracket
  • Incredible features with incredible price
  • After-sale service and spare parts delivery

Forming Machine (2018)

  • Capable of producing more than 3 ton in working shift
  • The precise adjustment of both rollers in parallel,just by a rotary handle
  • Separating or connecting the forming system from the suspension system by coupling, even during operation when necessary.
  • Fast and smooth rotation of rollers
  • Adjustabled inpute and output angle trays.
  • Strong , steel material and absolutely safe.
  • Adjustable gearbox at several and different speed and powers.
  • embedded high power engine.
  • exhaust brake system for emergency situation.
  • Ability to move system mode to manual system.

Taffy Pulling Machine

  • Strongest Strucker
  • Equipped with oil cartels with automatic lubrication system
  • Product of the best type of stainless steel (304)
  • It has a very accurate and fluid gearbox
  • Its electromotor is one of the best in the market, namely Motogen
  • After-sale service and spare parts delivery

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